Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a collaborative,assessment-based process to develop effective interventions for problembehaviors. PBS utilizes the application of proactive, educative, andreinforcement-based strategies to assist schools in: 1) Increasingacademic performance, 2) Increasing bus and campus safety, 3)Establishing functional, effective, learning environments, 4) Decreasingproblem behavior.

Ventura Elementary School has developed and usesschool-wide expectations and rules in settings across campus to teachstudents appropriate behavior.

Reward Systems are used to encourage and model appropriate student behavior.

At Ventura, we ROAR!





Positive Programs at Ventura

100% Attendance -Classes will be recognized on announcements and will receiveinstructional materials when all students have been in attendance for 10days.

A/B Honor Roll - Students will be recognized eachnine weeks if they make all A's or all A's and B's on their report card.These students will receive an honor roll certificate and incentivesfrom business partners.

Perfect Attendance - Students will berecognized each nine weeks if they attend school each day. Thesestudents will receive a perfect attendance certificate.

Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Tiger Tickets - Students making good choices and displaying good behavior will receive Tiger Tickets. Tickets can be exchanged by students to participate in campus activities, such as Family Movie Night. Tickets may also be traded for items from the Tiger Trading Post.  The tickets also have a 'Classroom Use' side to participate in rewards within their own classroom.  For the 2012 - 2013 school year, there are two colors of Tiger Tickets. Staff are equipped with green Tiger Tickets which have a value of one.  Administration and Essentials teachers are equipped with pink Tiger Tickets which have double the value of a green one - two!

Principal's Award - Students who make the honor rollevery nine weeks will be recognized at the end of the school yearduring a special assembly. These students will receive a medal from theprincipal.

Ready, Set, and Dressed for Success -During the morning announcements every school day, select student nameswill be announced. If the named student is seated properly and incorrect student uniform attire, he/she will come to the front office toreceive a small prize.

Referral Free Eating Zone - With a goal of beingreferral free in the cafeteria, students K-5 work together to meet theset goal.  When the goal is met, the entire school earns a reward.

Tiger of the Month - Every classroomteacher will select as student from the class to be the Tiger of theMonth. Students can be selected for displaying positive charactertraits, academic achievement, and citizenship.

Opportunities to Volunteer - Oasis School Volunteer Program

In conjunction with the PBS Tiger Tickets, the Tiger Trading Post isheld the third week of each month.  Parents are welcome to come afterschool from 3 - 4pm to help stuff classroom orders.  If you would liketo volunteer, please contact Jennifer Woollet atwoolletj@osceola.k12.fl.us or by calling the school at 407-344-5040 ext.23645.

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